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Auto Insurance Quotes: How to Get a Cheap Insurance Rate

Car insurance is one of the chief ongoing costs of owning a vehicle, second only to the cost of refueling a car at today’s ever-increasing gas prices. For this reason, many consumers are looking for a way to lower their auto insurance premium’s cost without sacrificing some of the most essential features of their coverage. That includes maintaining reasonable deductibles, and even features like collision coverage or roadside assistance, without breaking the bank.

This might seem like a task that’s doomed to fail, especially given the tendency of insurance prices to rise rather than fall. With a number of great discounts, however, combined with smart shopping, consumers can actually land themselves a pretty fair deal on robust insurance coverage with any number of national companies.

Driving Safer Means Driving Cheaper

One of the worst-kept secrets in the auto insurance industry is that affordable auto insurance is a direct result of safe and well-considered driving habits. That means it’s time to start driving the speed limit, stop passing fellow motorists on the right-hand side, and stick to the laws of the land. Those drivers who do are at a dramatically lower risk of having an accident in the first place and, as they go longer and longer without having to file an insurance claim, their insurer will reward them with increasingly lower premium amounts.

The same is true when shopping for a new insurance company altogether. A longer record of safe driving will result in low cost insurance rates when requesting a quote from the major insurance companies. Sure, it might take a few extra minutes to arrive at a destination. But the savings offered from the country’s insurance providers more than makes up for a few extra minutes on the highway in most cases.

Get Good Grades, Get Good Rates

Another key way to enjoy cheap auto insurance quotes from the major national insurers is to adhere to a strict policy of studying, taking notes and paying attention in class. This is because students can actually qualify for a one-two punch of discounted insurance from companies across the country. The first discount is pretty sweeping and general, and rewards drivers of all levels simply for maintaining enrollment in a high school, undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree program. But there’s more to that discount than meets the eye.

Students enrolled in one of those programs can actually get a discount from their insurance company by working hard and earning good grades. When looking to compare free auto insurance quotes, students can fill out information pertaining to their school, their major, and their GPA. Those students with the best grades — typically a “B” average or higher — will get an additional discount.

For students who have graduated, all is not lost. Insurance companies over the years have calculated that better-educated drivers are a lower risk on the roads. Therefore, drivers with more advanced degrees are treated to more affordable insurance rates. The more advanced the degree, the greater the savings, in many cases.

Bundle and Combine Cars for Greater Savings

One of the most popular ways to save money on an auto insurance policy is to engage in the age old tradition of bundling services and multiple vehicles or drivers onto the same plan. Most major insurance companies offer more than just vehicle coverage; renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and even insurance against natural disasters, can all be purchased from the major insurance companies. When combined with a car insurance policy, consumers will be treated to a discount on all of the bundled policies. That represents a big opportunity for savings.

Another big savings opportunity can be achieved simply by placing multiple vehicles or drivers onto the same plan. Virtually every insurance company in the country operates a multi-vehicle discount program that allows consumers to save up to 10 percent of their policy’s cost. The same is true of multi-driver discounts, which are frequently targeted to married households or households where several young drivers will be piloting the family’s vehicles to school, work, or other locations.

Go High-Tech for Added Savings

One of the most exciting new ways to save money on a car insurance policy is to take advantage of discounts focused on monitored driving habits. Car insurance companies now employ a small device that resides inside the vehicle at all times. The device reports information about the car’s speed, braking, mileage, and other information, and allows the policy to decrease in price as consumers shape up their driving habits and pursue better safety on roads and highways. While it might raise privacy concerns for some commuters, it’s one of the leading ways to lower a policy’s overall cost — by as much as 30 percent, according to some insurance companies offering the tool to their policyholders.

Save with an Online Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison

Beyond the programs offered directly to drivers by their insurance company, the internet has a great way to lower the cost of car insurance premiums. This unique savings opportunity comes in the form of an online insurance quote comparison tool that pits the big names in car insurance against each other. Their competition typically leads to lower rates for consumers who are then treated to costs that are far cheaper than those in their most recent insurance policy.

Because the insurers are forced to plainly state their discounts, deductibles, and added services, as well as the price they’d charge for those things, customers can make a better decision that is more educated — and more affordable — in the long run.

Plenty of Ways to Bring Down Insurance Costs

In a world where insurance premiums seem to do nothing but increase, consumers can easily take control and demand lower premiums through company discounts and online comparisons. With smart shopping and aggressive discounting, it’s actually possible to reverse the upward trend seen in car insurance premiums in recent years. Those premiums can stop setting record highs and start impressing customers with record low monthly amounts in just a few minutes.